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We are conditioned to not cook!!!

Everywhere you look are fast food and regular restaurants…

Our grocery stores are filled with insane amounts of processed foods and quick meals to pop in the microwave…

Did you know that 90 percent of the foods Americans purchase every year are processed foods. In a typical recent year, 2800 new candies, desserts, ice creams, and snacks were introduced compared to 230 new fruity and vegetable products.

Netflix and other platforms have addicted people to spending more time watching their line ups on the couch than in the kitchen making good wholesome meals… But you can be different! You can look and feel your best and be a role model to your children and grandchilden so that they don’t fall into the inflammation trap taking over our country!!!

This was my dinner last night! Took me less than 10 minutes to make…

Grain free meatballs with veggies and salad! I simply took a pound of grass fed beef and mixed it with an egg and some water and added in some spices and a little bit of cheese. Baked them in the oven and they came out so so juicy!! I threw a handful of arugula on my plate with some fresh cut up carrots and cauliflower and added some Primal Kitchen Cilantro Lime dressing!! It was amazing and the best part was it filled in my nutritional needs so I wasn’t craving junk an hour later!!!

Don’t listen to the lies that the packaged and processed foods are good for you… Because they aren’t! Look around you! Our country is the most unhealthy, overweight society on the planet and what sets us apart… the CONVENIENCES and PROPAGANDA!!! If you need help with what to eat sign up for my weekly newsletter here on my website and join my HealthyU Facebook group:


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