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Reduce Inflammation with Earthing!

Did you know that the Earth beneath our feet provides incredible healing power?

We live on this beautiful planet but many of us have lost touch with it...literally!

When was the last time you walked around barefoot or had your toes in the sand?

"Earthing is a timeless practice and a modern discovery. It simply means living in contact with the Earth's natural surface charge-being grounded-which naturally discharges and prevents chronic inflammation in the body. This effect has massive health implications because of the strong link between chronic inflammation and virtually all chronic disease, including the diseases of aging, and the aging process itself."

Check out these powerful benefits of earthing...

-rapid reduction of inflammation

-rapid reduction or elimination of chronic pain

-dynamic blood flow improvement to better supply the cells and tissues of the body with vital oxygen and nutrition

-reduced stress

-increased energy

-improved sleep

-accelerated healing from injuries and surgery

(all taken from the book below)

This has been one of the biggest blessings with moving to Florida from Ohio!!! Praise God!!! He knew what I needed to continue healing from breast implant illness and mold toxicity which caused so much inflammation!!! If you are suffering, get your shoes off and get outside friends!!

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