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Confused about food labels? This app is a game changer!

I found the coolest app ever for those of you confused about understanding food labels and knowing which foods truly are healthy!!! It’s also packed with tons and tons of food advice!!!

"Kid’s cereals are particularly notorious for added sugar. A single cup of three brands of cereal aimed at children contained more sugar than a Twinkie, and 44 brands had more sugar than three Chips Ahoy!

Many people think that granola and trail mix bars are a quick, healthy choice for themselves and their kids. Think again. No less than 91 percent contain added sugar. In some, almost a third of the bar’s weight is sugar."

Other food categories likely to have high percentages of added sugar include: *stuffing mixes — 100 percent *deli meats — 74 percent to 98 percent, depending on the type *salad dressings — 86 percent *peanut butter and other nut butters — 68 percent *crackers — 63 percent

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