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Serving, Loving, and God Glorifying



I’m a former graduate English professor and public teacher who left my “safe” careers 12 years ago in order to find financial freedom, have more time with my four kids and husband, and experience more peace in my life. Today, I help hungry people grow their online business, build their confidence, and take ownership of their health. I’m the host of a weekly podcast called “HealthyU” where I interview guests each week to help listeners many different perspectives and approaches when it comes to their inner and outer wellness. Believing in balance and that you can live healthy and still eat a damn cookie once in a while, I’m also the founder of Dawn’s Cookies which serves up sweetness in my beach community at our cottage and cafe in Navarre, Florida as well as an online store all of which helps raise money for small nonprofit businesses. Lastly, I’m a breast implant illness advocate helping raise awareness about the dangers of breast implants. I give ALL the glory to God for my funky life and honored to serve Him each and every day. Thank you for visiting my website and reach out to me any time by texting 937-545-2908 or emailing me at

Funk Wellness

Helping people build their confidence and get healthier.

Protect Your Peace

Bringing truth to light and helping people grow closer to God.

Breast Implant Illness

Bringing a VOICE to Breast Implant Illness.


Dawn's Cookies

Funky Fresh Cookies with a Purpose. 


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